How to set up a Facebook Page for Your Design Business


Facebook is one of the leading Social Media tools on the internet today. The majority of businesses utilize Facebook as a marketing venue. With a business page you can keep your current customers up to date while attracting new customers. There are a few simple steps to setting up a Business Page on Facebook. In this post we will use the example of setting up a page for a website about home improvement and decorating



Prior to setting up your business page on Facebook it is highly recommended to set up a personal profile first. Without having a personal profile and just creating a business profile you will run into limitations. Your personal profile is connected to your Business Page; however your personal information is not shared. The personal and business pages are separate and even the administrator of the page is unknown. Once your personal page is created go out and log back in to be sure your log in information is correct.

Create a Page

Go to Review the categories that are shown and choose the one that fits your business. You will see boxes that show Local Business, Organization, Entertainment, etc. This is an important distinction as it tells Facebook what your store is about (eg home improvements) and it is then more likely your page will be shown to people that have listed similar interests such as home decorating.

Only select the Local Business box if you actually have a store location that customers can visit. If you are an online store, don’t check this box. After you click on the category for your business you will see a drop down box. This second category choice is not as critical as the first. This category can be changed at a later date if necessary.


Page Name

Under your category you will be asked to name your page. Try to use keywords in your Page Name. For example, if your store is about home improvements then your keywords might be ‘home improvements’, ‘home decorating’ and ‘home decorating ideas’. This will help bring your page up in searches more. With a 70 character limit think a little about your page name. Up until the point of having 200 fans Facebook does allow you to change your Page Name.

To get Started click the “I agree to Facebook Pages Terms” and the next step will pop up.

Profile Picture

You can change your profile picture at any time with the easy to find Edit buttons. Facebook sets a viewing area for you to choose on the profile picture you upload. The suggested size is 180 pixels by 180, so keep that in mind. Your news feed posts will all have this profile picture attached to them. When you are finished and satisfied with your profile picture just click Next.

Basic Information

Take your time here as there are several large sections to present your business. Google indexes your About Page so be sure to be as descriptive as possible and use as many keywords you can. Once again, you want to be using words that people who will be looking for a store like yours would use ‘home decorating ideas’, ‘home décor’ and ‘homewares’.


The initial field only allows 155 characters to be visible under your Profile Picture so keep that in mind. A good idea would be to have a link to your website here to connect visitors right away. You can add other sites as well here as separate links to your other social sites that you use for your business.

Be sure to click the “Yes” radio button and Save Info to complete your Business Page set up. The next steps will pop up, but are at your discretion to which ones you prefer to use.

Page Likes

Liking pages is way to show how many people like and support your page or business. Facebook will prompt you to like your own page and that is fine as it will show your first like already.


You will be prompted to invite your email contacts and it is best not to this with a new page. You can always return to this down the road or just invite people to your page through other venues.


When you create your first status update you will be prompted to share. This is another step you can do then or wait until later.


Cover Photo

As with your Profile Picture your Cover Photo has size restrictions of 399 pixels wide. Once you find the photo you want just upload the photo and Save Changes.

Now you can go back and add some more pertinent information on your About Page.  By now you should be more comfortable with the steps to update and add information. There is a lot of information that can be displayed on this page, so take advantage with highlights of your company and your website pages links.

Your last and final set up step is to review your permissions.

Now your Facebook Business Page is ready to meet the world.

How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your ecommerce store


Driving more traffic using Pinterest is a very simple process with basic steps. Interactive tools are available every step of the way to assist you in getting the best out of sharing your media on Pinterest.

But first, why is Pinterest such a good idea when it comes to driving traffic to your online store? Being in the retail sector, a lot of what we do replies on our customers being able to find us. With more and more sales occurring online, there is a huge trend toward online shopping which is only going to grow in the future. Mums with a busy household no longer have to drag their kids around the shopping centre, they can shop for all their required household products from the comfort of their own living room.  The other great benefit of online shopping is choice! If you want a hard to find product like a passport wallet, for example, you could go to your local shopping centre and hunt around and maybe find 5 in the entire centre. However, if you ump online instead, you can find entire ecommerce stores dedicated to that one product, making your selection huge!


So, now the question is, how can we as retails in the interior design sector, take advantage of this fact and get our products in front of the housebound shopper? Well, I’m glad you asked because I really believe that Pinterest is the perfect way to do this.  The following are some tactics you can employ to ensure that your potential customers see your new collections and visit your store to buy them.


Researching requires searching some keywords that would hold interest to viewer about website. So if your niche it might be “decoration ideas”, “home renovations”, “home improvements”.

When these words are searched you will see Pins that contain your search words. You will also see Boards that contain your search word, as well as, you will also see people who have the search word in their profile. You can follow these people in the hope that they will follow you back.  This will help you get your pins in front of others that have similar interest in the home decorating thereby increasing the traffic to your website from your blogs.

Start a Board

The best way to get your products in front of interested customers is to start a board that is dedicated to your products. So if you sell clocks then start a board called ‘Funky Yellow Clocks from around the Globe’. Base the title of your board on the research you did above so you are targeting the right key words. Once you have a range of boards set up, it is time to fill them with pins… this is where you get to promote your products.


Pin your Products

Now you want to pin your products to the appropriate board. Take note, however you don’t want to fill your boards with only your products. It’s better to collect a range of images of home décor from the internet. Aim for about 20% of the pins to be your products.

Pin Description

When you are pinning your products to your board, take note of your keywords. If you found that people were searching for ‘Yellow Clocks’ then make sure your products use these words. That way, your clocks are likely to appear in the search when someone is searching for something specific. Don’t get too caught up in the keywords though, the main aim is for the title of the images to be as descriptive as possible, so just describe what the product is or what it looks like.

Be creative while including all search terms while maintaining a little mystery. You want the viewer to want to know more. When other Pinterest users pins your post from your blog the image and description are attached. Of course other users can change your description at any time, so you want your image and description to carry the same message.



Link to your website.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure for each Pin of your homewares products, you must are provide a link back to your website. This is where potential customers will find your products so you want them to be able to visit your store and buy them from you.


Putting it all together


Pin Button

Adding the Pinterest Pin button to your product images is another good tactic as it allows customers to Pin the images of the products that they like. So, they might be browsing the net for a Yellow Clock and come across your yellow clock. They could then Pin it to their board of ‘Yellow Clocks’ so they now have a shortlist of clocks to choose from.







Use Instagram to Grow Your Audience to your Interior Design website

What is Instagram?

picInstagram is a photo sharing, photo enhancing, and social App. The simple beginning Insta refers to instant and gram relates to communication, like as in “telegram”. So, Instagram is an instant way to communicate with a large worldwide audience. The Instagram App is so user-friendly everything is done through your iPhone or Android Phone with just a few clicks.

Interior Design is such a visual arena, making it the ideal niche to use Instagram to drive traffic to your online store. With so much of the industry relying on visual taste and impressions, marketing your store has never been easier. Instagram allows you to continually post images of your interior designs to an appreciative audience. Take this store that sells cushions, for example. They have a wonderful range of vibrant cushion covers and these subjects would be a hit on instagram. A few well thought-out lifestyle shots would most definitely go viral on Instagram.

Attracting the right people to your home décor store

shutterstock_158228888[1]In early March of 2012 Instagram surpassed 25 million users. Imagine how just a small percentage of those users would increase your furniture sales immensely. With Facebook acquiring Instagram for $1 Billion has only increased this user base.

Using modern, high quality and unique images can be an excellent way to attract a tribe of people who follow your store. All it takes is a small amount of time to photograph your new products and you could be sending quality images out to thousands of potential customers.

Let’s take an example, if you are in the homewares industry and you recently released a new collection. You would want to drip feed these to your followers. All you would have to do is take a photo of each of your new items, add a filter using the Instagram settings and send it out for all your followers to admire. If you have a new collection of clocks that you know your customers would love, post a flattering photo of it on Instagram and the clock will sell itself. There are not many ways you are able to send an instant visual of your products to people who you know will be interested in them.

Instagram Brands

Regardless of the size of your company, the benefits of using Instagram are seen in all aspects of social media. Some of the Name Brand users are not surprising due to the advertisement ability that Instagram offers. Here are some major players of Instagram.

  • Target utilizes Instagram for not only a positive outlook, but also events
  • Audi has over 500,000 followers to promote their cars to
  • Starbucks also uses Instagram as a marketing tool and sharing their various locations
  • TSA uses Instagram in more of an educational tool. Allowing followers to feel safer

These are just a few of the many companies that have found Instagram a productive way to reach a larger base of customers.

Communicating with your customers

build-better-relationships-by-communicating-with-your-customers-54005400[1]Communicating with your potential customers is made so easy with Instagram. By placing your home, outdoor, and new furniture pictures with just a click you show the world your inventory. The great part about posting your pictures is that you make your own comments about the piece of furniture you are showcasing and the customers can ask or comment as well. You will get a better understanding of what type of furniture your customers are really interested in. This is an easy way to gauge your purchases for your customers by the information and feedback you are getting.

Instagram is a brilliant way to advertise your sales as well. Post those great deals and attract even more customers to save them money. With Instagram’s photo enhancement with just a click you can get the best from your photos by making them even more attractive to potential customers.

Getting Started

Setting up your Instagram takes no time at all. Here are the few simple steps involved.

  1. Go to the App Store
  2. Download Instagram
  3. Set up account
  4. Choose your username
  5. Upload a profile pic

Now you are ready to start attracting more customers. Whether you have several locations or one main store, everyone shops online today. So, get started now!

Using YouTube to Drive Traffic to Your Homewares store

picYou might think that YouTube is not relevant to your homewares store but actually, YouTube is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website. The aim is to add something of value to the community you serve. So, think about who your main audience is, if you sell a lot to interior designers then think about a video you could create that shows them how to decorate with your homewares products. Let’s take record players as an example. Turntables is an old trend that is gathering a lot of popularity in recent months. If you had a store that sold record players, you could use YouTube to target your potential audience.   Your videos should add value so in this example you could complete videos on how to clean your turntable or how to care for your old records. Or, you could have demo videos on how to set up and start using your record player, the options are endless!

About YouTube

Today, there are over 1 billion unique visitors to YouTube each month who watch over 6 billion hours of video in total. With a presence in over 60 countries, this social media website has become a crucial strategic element for advertising your website on the Internet. Below, I’ll be explaining to you how to set up a basic YouTube account and how to use it effectively to increase traffic to your website.

Setting Up a Successful Youtube Account

First, to use YouTube you must have a Google account so if you don’t currently have one then you need to set one up.

Creating a successful, popular and useful YouTube account is not as difficult as it may seem. You just have to work on the following elements:


  1. A good account name. The name of your account should be either be your own name, your brand name, or include a keyword of your niche market. So you want to be adding homewares, interior decorating or home décor to yourname

For example, Home Design Lovers at chose to name their YouTube channel “DIY Home” {link} in order to optimize their search engine results, as many people search on YouTube for DIY ideas.

  1. Your channel. Your channel should catch viewers’ eyes as soon as they find it. The best way to do this is to create an eye-catching banner for your YouTube channel and to include a Featured Video that plays instantly as a viewer opens your page. Featured videos should let your viewers know exactly what to expect from you. In the context of this banner, make sure you let them know instantly that you are in the homewares sector.
  2. Regular uploads. Regularly uploading videos of top quality is essential to gaining subscribers as people will most likely want to subscribe to a channel that constantly provides them with new and interesting information.
  3. Effective tagging. In your video description box, you have the chance to tag your video so YouTube users can find it more effectively. Use your niche keywords effectively here (Examples include “home décor”, “decoration ideas”, “home renovations”, “home improvements”, etc.)


Driving Traffic to Your Website with YouTube

But a successful YouTube channel is not all it takes. You need to now find ways to transfer your YouTube traffic to your website. You want people to watch your videos and then click through to your home décor store.

You can guide viewers and subscribers to your website in two main ways on YouTube.

The first way is to simply add your website link to your YouTube channel. There are three main places you can place your website link:

  1. Your channel banner. YouTube makes it very easy to do add links as you simply have to head over to your banner, click on “Edit Links” and add the links you want!
  2. The video description box. We’ve already seen that the description box is useful for effectively tagging your videos but it’s also useful to leave your website link at the top of your description box. This will place it in an easy place for subscribers and viewers to locate it.
  3. Within the video. It is also possible to link your website to your video in a few different ways:
    1. By associating your website to your YouTube channel and creating an associated website annotation. You can do this by going to your account settings and once your website is verified, add a website annotation to your video on your video manager.
    2. By creating an overlay to link to your website. An overlay is a small banner located at the bottom the video. To activate this feature, you will have to sign up and create your own ad.
    3. By mentioning it at the beginning and the end of your videos. Simply reminding your viewers of your website can go a long way.

However, just having the link there does not necessarily mean people will visit your website. What you need to get people from your videos to your website is to generate a call to action. When people see your videos they should be told what they need to do (i.e. go to your website), how they can do it (i.e. clicking on the various links you have provided), and why they should do it (i.e. “to get a discount on all lamps”).


Let’s Wrap It Up

With all this information, let’s summarize things a bit to simplify. In order to drive traffic to your website using YouTube, you need to:

  • Set up a successful YouTube channel;
  • Link up your website to as many places as possible on your YouTube channel and videos; and
  • Create a clear call to action to guide your viewers from your videos to your website.

If you provide people with quality information and give them a useful reason to check out your website, the traffic will flow naturally!

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Google+ is Important for Your Home Décor Store


Google+ is a great internet marketing tool that is geared towards businesses to increase their customer base. Google+ not only allows you to create your Google+ page, but a business page as well. All your information is connected together for more exposure on the internet. Utilizing Google+ will bring customers to your page when they are using Googles search engine, which is one of the largest in the world.

Google + and your Home Décor Store

When it comes to the home décor industry, Google + is particularly good for a number of reasons. First, just merely having a Google + page and linking it to your store can help you improve your rankings. If you look at this site that sells picnic rugs, for example, you will see that thiei Google + page is very active and it is telling Google that this store is important.

Second, the Google + page itself can rank, effectively giving you a second channel for customers to find you. Third, home décor and interior design is an extremely visual niche area. Google + allows for a great deal of space for images and videos to you to display new products, interior design techniques, ‘how too’ videos etc. For example, if you are an online homewares store and you have a new collection of pillows that you can’t wait to get front of your customers, take a few moments to photograph them, add them to your Google + page and send them out to all your adoring fans.


Guidelines and Benefits

  • Google+ Business Page

Your business page on Google+ is your hub within Googles network and connects all your business entities that are online together.  So if you have multiple homewares stores, for example, a store for wall clocks, one selling cushions and another that sells coffee tables, this is the place to link them all together

  • Google+ Badge

Profile Badge makes it easier for customers to find you on Google+.

Page Badge helps you consolidate your website and your Google+ pages.

Community Badge assists potential customers in finding your community and participating together.

  • Places for Business

When using this enhancement your customers can view your location(s) on maps and hours of operation. This allows your customers to find your store and it will show up as a pin on Google Maps,

  • The +1 Button

This button will allow you to monitor the traffic on your website’s pages and increase your search availabilities. Visitors can also recommend content that they find interesting on your site. You might have a tribe of interior designers who all find the same articles interesting, this is a great place for sharing home décor articles, photos and videos.


  • Social Extensions

Social extensions allow for recommendations and endorsements form users. Utilizing the social extensions will increase your click through rate by 5-10%.

  • Search Function

This allows you to find people and businesses matching your industry or that may have interest in your product or service. You can also use hashtags to find potential customers as well. Use hashtags for product names such as pillows, clocks and coffee tables, this will help interested people find your products.

  • Posting Content

Post your deals, announcements, or any attention getting information. Each post will appear on all your followers’ streams and allows your instant interaction with them. Link your post to your blog in one easy step in your Google+ page.

  • Content Control

With the convenient content control with Google+ you have the option of updating or changing your post at any time. This process is very quick and easy to do without any deleting necessary. You can add titles to your postings with keywords for more searchable results. So if you a launching a new line of homewares, you can post photos of each new item and use hashtags to help your potential customers find them.

  • Connect using Hangouts

Hangouts allow live events and will also automatically save a recording for YouTube for later review. This is a great tool for demonstrations or interviews. The Hangout connection allows interaction instantly with your followers to answer questions or just have discussions. This is amazing tool for launching a new product or service. Create a monthly Question and Answer segment live. With Google+ Hangouts you can be very creative and entertaining for your audience.


  • Author Tag

Build your reputation as being very knowledgeable in your industry by adding your author tag to your posts. This helps customers feel comfortable knowing that you are experienced and know the product or service.

You will agree that it makes so much sense to partner your online home décor store with Goggle+. With Google having the world’s largest search engine puts your business in the forefront. Google+ allows you the growth potential and market strategy required in the business world today.

Follow the Leaders

Here are some well-known companies in the homewares niche that utilize Google+ for part of their business marketing:

  • Target uses Google + to promite their ‘Home’ section
  • Home and Garden have an excellent Google + page with creative ideas

With Google+ having over 500 million users allows ecommerce sites to grab a portion of the market for their product or service. You can keep your current customers more informed while expanding your customer’s base. One of the keys to marketing is exposure and with Google+ being directly connected to Google there could no better availability to the majority of internet users in the world.

My revamped interior design blog is about to go live!

With a new home and fresh, vibrant new content, my new interior design blog is about to launch!


If you’re sick of all the same old content on regular interior design blogs be prepared to be blown away as I bring you all the latest news, tricks, tips, style and advice that is hitting the interior design world right now.

As a proud generation Y’er I have bold ideas about interior design that generally clashes with traditional boring views. I’m not afraid to go against the grain with my advice and it is my peculiar style that has earned me several industry awards and some outstanding contracts with some of the world’s best.

interior-design-modern-2I love to evolve and regenerate frequently with my work and also with my writing. This new blog will pick up where ‘Interior Dezigns’ left off but I’ll be delving more into my edgier side as I double down on hot interior designs for the modern home.

So prepare yourself, save this URL and get ready for a feast of information about to come your way.

I promise it will be special… and I never break my promises.interior-design-modern1