With a new home and fresh, vibrant new content, my new interior design blog is about to launch!


If you’re sick of all the same old content on regular interior design blogs be prepared to be blown away as I bring you all the latest news, tricks, tips, style and advice that is hitting the interior design world right now.

As a proud generation Y’er I have bold ideas about interior design that generally clashes with traditional boring views. I’m not afraid to go against the grain with my advice and it is my peculiar style that has earned me several industry awards and some outstanding contracts with some of the world’s best.

interior-design-modern-2I love to evolve and regenerate frequently with my work and also with my writing. This new blog will pick up where ‘Interior Dezigns’ left off but I’ll be delving more into my edgier side as I double down on hot interior designs for the modern home.

So prepare yourself, save this URL and get ready for a feast of information about to come your way.

I promise it will be special… and I never break my promises.interior-design-modern1